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[ Message from the Director ] 

 Director’s Welcome Letter

Welcome! As director and principal investigator of the institutional grant for the establishment of CSUDH’s first-ever Graduate Writing Center, it is my pleasure to introduce you to PEGS’ Graduate Writing Institute for Excellence (GWIE), whose goals and objectives align with its mission to advance scholarly achievement by promoting academic excellence (see Mission Statement). And it is my responsibility to ensure that the vision of our mission is realized.
I coordinate, manage, and monitor all GWIE programs and services; in doing so, I work closely with colleagues and staff, collaborating with Faculty Fellows, Graduate Writing Consultants (who serve as cross-aged, peer student [CAPS] mentors), administrative staff, and various activity and partnership coordinators, all of whom share the same vision. And it is this unity of vision that I have attempted to foster throughout my career as an educator here at CSUDH.

For example, I have served with others -- including administrators, students, and faculty -- as both professor and program coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education. And through national, state, and campus grants, I have directed 1) the Title-V-Part B PPOHA grant at CSUDH: PEGS, 2) the development of K-8 science teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (QED grant) and Montebello Unified School District (CPEC grant), 3) the private HP-STEM Catalyst Initiative Consortium grant at CSUDH, and 4) the Read-Aloud program at the campus child development center (CSUDH, campus grant). Furthermore, I have guided graduate thesis/project work on campus and mentored undergraduate McNair Scholars. I also organize and convene action research poster presentations on campus and serve on the curriculum committee for College of Education graduate studies.
So although the establishment of a graduate writing center is indeed a seminal moment in CSUDH history, its arrival is more a journey, and less a destination, for PEGS’ GWIE is indicative of CSUDH’s slow, yet meteoric rise toward becoming, in the words of our President, Dr. Willie H. Hagan, “one of the top ten public, urban universities in the United States.” Therefore, on behalf of my colleagues at PEGS’ GWIE, I am honored to invite you to join us in this shared vision of success, and I welcome your ideas and input as we succeed in realizing this vision together.

Sincerely, Dr. Leena Furtado

Dr. Leena Furtado, is the Director of GWIE & PI of PEGS