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[ Teaching Assistantships ]

Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Research Assistants (RAs) are graduate students at CSUDH who work directly with faculty in the student’s area of study. Candidates for these prospective positions will have throughout their academic careers demonstrated a strong aptitude in writing, critical thinking, and research; moreover, they will have completed at least one year of graduate coursework.  They may also need to provide faculty or professional recommendations. Students who want to work with a specific professor should ask him or her for a direct recommendation.


Teaching Assistants

TAs will gain experience in teaching and mentoring students. TAs give limited in-class presentations, conduct tutoring sessions and workshops with students, grade papers and exams, and may hold office hours. Working with students from various socioeconomic, linguistic, and educational backgrounds, the TA becomes aware of many different teaching styles and learning modes and hence becomes a more flexible and more effective instructor and communicator by enhancing pedagogical skills. With workshops and presentations, TAs gain additional experience and confidence from performing in front of a group of students in a classroom setting. They also learn how to effectively design lesson plans, putting together their own presentations tailored specifically to the needs of their students.


Research Assistants

RAs will gain first-hand experience in scholarly research and will be better prepared for the level of research required in a doctorate program.  RAs gather and review researched literature (from the library and electronic resources), organize it based upon topics using the appropriate format, edit bibliographies, summarize selected articles, and provide further assistance with scholarly writing. RAs are often expected to complete a research project that supports their own thesis or portfolio work. RAs may complete experiments, analyze results, attend conferences, and supervise research.


Qualified candidates will have concluded one year of study in the discipline in which they wish to serve. PEGS will provide TAs and RAs with a modest stipend. RAs will work 5-10 hours per week each semester. TAs may be eligible to work up to 20 hours per week. PEGS advises faculty to observe CSUDH policy regarding using TAs/RAs in the classroom.

To apply contact us at (310) 243-2700 or visit us in the office. We are located on the fourth floor of the library in D407.