GWIE | Gradute Writing Institute for Excellence

Student Responsibilities

Fostering Growth

PEGS believes that intellectual independence is best fostered through open dialogue and collaborative learning. PEGS tutors serve as guides in this development, helping students hone their critical thinking and analytical writing skills through weekly sessions. As mediators, tutors cannot take full responsibility for student learning. For this reason, the PEGS Center has developed the following contract outlining student expectations and responsibilities.


  1. I will recognize my intellectual authority and capacity to excel.
  2. Each student has unique ideas, acquired knowledge, and prior experiences to bring to sessions. It is the tutor’s job to bring out these insights; it is not the tutor’s job to think for students.

  3. I will assume responsibility for the learning that occurs in a tutorial session.
  4. This means coming to sessions with a basic preparation (i.e., completing reading assignments and attending lectures), with questions, and with self-identified goals.

  5. I will take ownership of my own graduate education outside of tutoring.
  6. Tutoring is a supplement to the instruction and learning that occurs in course lectures and discussions. Students should not rely solely on the tutor, but should be proactive in utilizing other resources like professor and T.A. office hours.


  1. I will maintain open communication with the PEGS Center
  2. This includes contacting the PEGS Center via e-mail or phone when student needs to cancel/ reschedule a session, when student is running late, or if student wishes to discontinue tutoring. Students can be dropped for failure to respond to calls or e-mails from the PEGS Center.

  3. I will honor the cancellation/rescheduling protocol
  4. Student must notify the PEGS Center 12 hours in advance if he/she cannot attend a scheduled session. Proper advanced notification makes it easier for the PEGS Center to try to reschedule. Make-up sessions are not, however, guaranteed as tutors have extremely busy schedules.

  5. I will consent to the following No-Show Policy
  6. A no-show is defined as any of the following: (1) a missed session without proper advanced notification; (2) a same-day cancellation; (3) a session for which the student is more than 10 minutes late. After the 2nd no-show, students receive a warning. Students will be denied service after the 3rd no-show. Keep in mind that other students could have received help during the appointed time.