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 Proofreading & Editing

*** We do not proofread, nor do we edit papers ***

Our GWCs are trained to assist student writers in becoming more familiar with their own writing and revision processes so that they can identify and correct their own “errors”; in doing so, GWCs may model various proofreading/editing techniques and/or revision strategies, but it is the student writer’s responsibility to take ownership of his own writing as well as her own writing processes.


*** All services are confidential ***

No personal information about any participant in PEGS GWIE will be released except what is required by university policy or state and/or federal law. 


*** If you miss or cancel a tutoring session without providing PEGS proper advanced notification (i.e., No Same Day Cancellations), it is considered a “No-Show” ***

Please notify us either:

  1. in person

  2. via telephone  

  3. via email


2 “No-Shows” in any 5 day period will result in suspension of services

 Suspension duration is anywhere from one week to an entire semester, at our discretion

2 or more suspensions may result in indefinite revocation of all programs & services

Make-up sessions are not permitted

If you are running late, please contact us as soon as possible:

1. More       than       10       minutes       late       to       a       tutoring        session, and your session is subject to cancellation

2. Three or more late appointment arrivals and you may be subject to suspension of services (again, suspensions may last anywhere from one week to an entire semester, at our discretion) 


*** All CSUDH students & alumni are eligible to participate in GWIE programs & services ***

  PEGS’ GWIE offers its programs and services primarily to currently enrolled graduate students at CSUDH who have

  1.  Registered (hypertext link here) with PEGS’ GWIE

  2.  Attended an Information Session

  3.   Signed the TUTORING AGREEMENT (hypertext link here to form itself)

      Undergraduate students are eligible for programs & services provided they have attended a workshop/presentation or they are in the process of preparing for graduate school

      Alumni are eligible provided they are preparing to apply for graduate &/or doctoral programs here or elsewhere

All Toros, past or present, are eligible to receive services related to their personal

&/or professional development

 CSUDH also provides other tutorial services for undergraduate students:

the Toro Learning Center (TLC):

the    English    Writing    Lab      in      the      English      Department (provided the student is currently enrolled in an English course)

Also, please visit the Academic Resources page on our website: