GWIE | Gradute Writing Institute for Excellence

Graduate Pathways

Graduate Pathways is a program that aims to aid students during the graduate school application process, help students improve their academic writing, help students gain professional skills. The program offers three options that students can utilize to gain that assistance.

Option 1:

Graduate Scholars Program Available by application only. During this 2-year commitment, students will receive admissions advisement in monthly meetings with Graduate Counselors and mentors, attend bi-weekly one-on-one sessions with Graduate Writing Consultants (GWC), and participate in workshops focused on academic writing and research, graduate student skills, and the graduate school application process from the task of selecting graduate programs and producing well written graduate admissions essays to the process of obtaining strong letters of recommendation. Students will also be encouraged to combine this program with a GWIE research assistantship leading to a co-authored publication with a faculty mentor or a GWIE-supported internship in order to further develop this aspect of their credentials. With scheduled periodic assessments and ongoing counseling, by the end of the program, students will have acquired the necessary skills to be successful students in graduate school and to be exceptional candidates for the graduate program of their choice.

Option 2:

Summer Graduate Preparation Program Available by application only. Option 2 is similar to Option 1 but in a more condensed and accelerated format. Each weekly session will focus on an aspect of the graduate/professional school application process.

Option 3:

Graduate Preparation One-on-Ones Graduate Preparation One-on-Ones, which do not require an application, offer students individualized help in preparing to apply to graduate school by pairing them with a Graduate Counselor and/or Graduate Writing Consultant. Students who require targeted writing assistance with graduate school admissions essays, scholarship essays, CVs/resumes, or other documents can be paired with a Graduate Writing Consultant during one-on-one sessions. Students will select at least two topics and will commit to at least 8 sessions to their chosen topics. Some of these topics (e.g., writing a graduate admissions essay or a scholarship essay) require a 4-session commitment to ensure maximum student progress. Each session will be 30 minutes.

All options will include weekly assessments and counseling, by the end of the program, students will be empowered to successfully pursue the graduate programs and jobs of their choice, and they will also have produced a portfolio of written drafts, samples of creative work, and other scholarly and professional materials that they can use in future graduate school or job applications.